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MicroProse returns after two decade absence

The storied publisher is back with three new games, 18 years since its last release

The MicroProse publishing brand is being resuscitated after an absence of almost 20 years.

The last time MicroProse was active as a publisher was in 2002, at which point it was owned by Infogrames. The French company had purchased MicroProse and its IP as part of a larger deal for Hasbro Interactive the year before.

The last game to be released under the brand was Grand Prix 4 in 2002, by which point Infogrames had already decided to stop using the MicroProse name on its products.

However, MicroProse is now making a comeback under new owner and CEO David Lagettie, a simulation software entrepreneur.

The new company announced three games today, all of which fall under MicroProse's traditional strategy and simulation remit: Triassic Games' Sea Power, Second Front's Hexdraw, and Drydock Dreams' Task Force Admiral.

Also on board is Bill Stealey, who founded MicroProse alongside Sid Meier in 1982. The first iteration of the company released Civilization and XCOM, among other classic titles.

Stealey will be a consultant for the new MicroProse. We will publish a full interview with Stealey on his long career and the resurgence of MicroProse tomorrow.

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