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Another round of pet pics to make your day better

We're back with more adorable pets than you can shake a tail at

Hello and welcome to our second edition of what is apparently a recurring feature where we run a bunch of pictures of game developers' pets!

Before we get to the good stuff, let's start with a little audience participation. It looks like this is going to be a semi-regular feature for as long as this pandemic lasts and we really need the semi-regular pick-me-up. And that being the case, it stands to reason that it would have a semi-regular name, right? But we here at are sort of torn on what that should be.

Here are a few options we've batted around like a ball of yarn, and a few we regretted as soon as we came up with them:

  • Picks of the Litter
  • Paws for the Pause
  • GamesIndustry.pets
  • Game Pads and Paw Pads
  • Lighter Petting
  • Developer Familiars
  • Computing Companions
  • Comforting Creatures
  • Surfs the Petstream
  • Where the Domesticated Things Are

[Note: The suggested names above were all from the brain of Brendan Sinclair. The rest of the team headed slowly for the door while he brainstormed into the night.]

Rebekah Valentine also suggested we nix the idea of a recurring title at all and just keep headlining these stories with variations of "Here are even more cute pet pictures to make your day better." After looking over that list again, I'm really starting to think "Developers' Pets" has a nice, simple, unlikely-to-be-an-ongoing-embarrassment ring to it.

Yes, you would think a group of professional writers would come up with some better options. But these are unthinkable times.

So just as we put out the call for your pet pictures and were overwhelmed by the response, we're putting out the call for your better column name ideas. Whether you want to send us a picture of your own pet or just want to help us name this thing, you can contribute to the cause by reaching out to us a

And of course, thanks again to everyone who submitted photos. Sorry if your pet isn't in this batch; we're holding onto all the pics and each column will be a mix of new and older submissions.

Boo, submitted by Minecraft product marketing manager Jeff Rivait and Gears of War marketing communications manager Nicole Fawcette
Brushfyre and Cinnamon, submitted by 343 franchise creative director Frank O'Connor
Goliath Dav Nation Banks (Golly), submitted by Tia Dalupan-Wong, producer on the Minecraft Central Creative team
Luna (the dog) and chicken army, submitted by Undead Labs mission designer Leah Rivera
Roscoe, submitted by Undead Labs senior UX designer Kelsey Pickinpaugh
Mojo, submitted by fortyseven communications account manager Monica De Leon
Evander and Tyson, submitted by fortyseven communications assistant account executive Maddy Troha
Harry, submitted by fortyseven communications assistant account executive Doug Woodburn
Lola 'Bean' Engel, submitted by fortyseven communications account coordinator Jules Engel
Ada and Hopper, submitted by Drinkbox Studios associate producer Kaitlin Smith
Rex, submitted by Yacht Club Games senior QA lead Adam
Ava and Ivy, submitted by Deep Silver US COO Geoff Mulligan
Bear, submitted by KO_OP studio director Saleem Dabbous
Bear (left) and Roxy, submitted by New Blood Interactive head and RocketWerkz senior director Dave Oshry
Bilbo, submitted by Outerloop Games concept artist Vijay Krish
Boddy, submitted by Katy Radelich, events and partnerships at ArenaNet
Bowie, submitted by Bethesda Studios' Jeff Gardiner, project lead on Fallout 76
Bowser, submitted by Maximum Games account manager Giuseppe Travalini
Bulleit, submitted by Mattel Digital Games head of marketing Russell Iriye
Misha and Zuko, submitted by Capcom senior PR manager Angella Austin
Dasher, submitted by Arkane Austin creative director Harvey Smith
Banzai, submitted by EA Madrid certification manager Earl Baker
Monty (Sir Montague), submitted by Epic Games head of games licensing EMEA Mike Gamble
Buddy, submitted by BioWare Edmonton UX scripter Kelsey Wicentowich
Finn, submitted by EA Tiburon product manager Kevin Boyce
Jessie, submitted by EA Galway associate quality designer Maaike van der Leeden
Puppies, submitted by SneakyBox project manager Tadas Migauskas
Purrington, submitted by SneakyBox lead game designer Ieva Benecke
Nala, submitted by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment VP of worldwide communications and PR Remi Sklar
Winston, submitted by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment director of events and experiential marketing Laura Halasa
Monkey, submitted by DICE LA technical engagement designer Rob Watkins
Rocket, submitted by PopCap sound designer Amanda Moscicki
Emile, submitted by Dear Villagers PR manager Stephanie Beaudoin
Freya, submitted by Drinkbox Studios programmer Mayuran Thurairatnam
Hamilton, submitted by Elder Scrolls Online game director Matt Firor
Jimmy, submitted by Capybara Games creative director Kris Piotrowski
Kiki, submitted by PUBG Corp. environment artist Nina
Loki, submitted by Fortitude studio director James Griffith
Lucy Oreo, submitted by PUBG Corp. head of North America business Brian
Magicarpe and Métacarpe, submitted by Evil Empire artist Aurore
Manchitas, submitted by Seashell Studio visual developer Miguel Silva
May and June, submitted by Respawn Entertainment senior environment artist Jobye Karmaker
Meeko, Baby, and Copper, submitted by PUBG Corp. associate producer Harmony
Migsy, submitted by Capybara Games artist Vic Nguyen
Napoleon and Dexter, submitted by Young Horses president Philip Tibitoski
Navy, submitted by PUBG Corp. office manager Alyssa
Nibbler, submitted by Liquid Crimson video editor and sound engineer Linda
Oscar, submitted by Mediatonic client engineer Matthew Sheeres
Alfie (left) and Oscar, submitted by Plan of Attack PR account director Aidan Minter
Otto, submitted by Seashell Studios' Rodrigo Cuadriello, director of Lunch A Palooza
Ozzie, submitted by Fortitude coder Jennifer Edwards
Percy (left) and SuperHans, submitted by Mediatonic UI artist Eilis Armstrong
Petrie, submitted by Versus Evil community manager Amanda Kirby
Pilou (left) and Ocarina, submitted by Dear Villagers community manager Mickael Andrieu
Qubit, submitted by Flight School Studio game director Bohdon Sayre
Raz and Lili, submitted by Double Fine senior communications manager James Spafford
Roman, submitted by PUBG Corp. project manager Caroline
Rosetta (Rosie), submitted by EA Tiburon senior technical artist Todd Kusmick
Sadie Falcor, submitted by Phoenix Labs' Nick Clifford
Shiva, submitted by Snowcastle Games audio designer Cam Jarvis
From left, Snow, Flash, and Lulu, submitted by Dear Villagers head of publishing Guillaume Jamet
Sterling, submitted by Twitch Prime technical program manager Joanna Parkhurt
Hobbes, submitted by Creative Assembly lead technical artist Mohrag Taylor
Momo, submitted by Creative Assembly head of corporate communications Lucy Boxall
August and Brodie, submitted by Tag Games games programmer Eoghan Mulvenna
Mole the Hamster, submitted by Tag Games lead artist Lara Bendoris
Yoshi, submitted by Sega brand manager Nathan Shabazi
Ziggy, submitted by Fortitude QA tester Anna Pearson
Ada Wong, submitted by Polyarc Games senior designer Barton Slade
Riven, submitted by Blizzard digital marketing manager Savannah Ho
Tryn, submitted by Blizzard digital marketing manager Savannah Ho
Booker, submitted by Purewal Consulting operations manager Dan Pearson
Arya, submitted by Double Eleven IT support engineer Lewis Rafferty
Finn, submitted by Minecraft Dungeons QA tester Courtney Raine
Luna, submitted by Minecraft Dungeons QA tester Courtney Raine
George and Gus Gus, submitted by Minecraft Dungeons QA tester Darren Arquette
Peck-Peck, submitted by Aspyr Media UX design lead Maggie Duvall
Totoro, submitted by Animmal co-founder Dato Kiknavelidze
Ponyo, submitted by Animmal co-founder Dato Kiknavelidze
Galleta, submitted by Seashell Studios music composer Carlos Ernesto López
Anselmo, submitted by Seashell Studios music composer Carlos Ernesto López
Brindle, submitted by Splash Damage head of business development Will Lowther
Lenny, submitted by Splash Damage production tester Jacob Blackman
Ninja, submitted by Splash Damage associate level design director David Edwards
Timmy, submitted by Splash Damage associate cinematics director Simon Harvey
Astro Bandito, submitted by Zynga people operations program specialist Katie Morris
Bunnie James Dio, submitted by Boss Alien principal artist Matthew Kobylarek
Jackson, submitted by Zynga talent acquisition recruiter Katherine Moser and Chloe, submitted by Zynga talent acquisition senior manager Liz Adwers
Tux, submitted by Zynga chief legal officer Phuong Phillips
Baily (left) and Piper, submitted by sales manager Chris Buckley

Additional reporting by Rebekah Valentine and Marie Dealessandri

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