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Opportunities with ID@Xbox | Investment Summit Online

Microsoft's Agostino Simonetta provides an update for developers, including the latest on Xbox Game Pass

As a new generation of consoles looms, Microsoft's Agostino Simonetta offers GamesIndustry.biz Investment Summit attendees the latest from ID@Xbox and the wider Xbox ecosystem.

Simonetta, who leads the EMEA region for ID@Xbox, will also include the latest on Xbox Game Pass as part of his presentation. Microsoft's subscription service recently passed ten million subscribers, offering a huge addressable audience for games in its catalogue.

Both ID@Xbox and Game Pass are also expected to play a pivotal role in Microsoft's plans for its new console, the Xbox Series X, which is expected to launch this year.

The livestream of the 25-minute presentation begins at 10.30am BST, and is embedded below. You can find the full Investment Summit schedule on the official website, and watch all of the talks on the GamesIndustry.biz YouTube channel.

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