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Dan Hsu leaving games media

GamesBeat editor-in-chief moving on because he "received a great opportunity and offer"

Dan "Shoe" Hsu has been working in games journalism for nearly two decades (18 and a half years to be precise) but he's decided to try a new challenge. The editor-in-chief of GamesBeat announced today on the site that he "simply received a great opportunity and offer."

"It made me realize that this is as good a time as any in my life to make such a big change... I want to grow and learn new things in the industry that I love, and this new company is offering me a chance to experience 'the other side.' I can't, however, reveal what I'm doing at this point - the company for whom I'll be working has its own plans for announcing my hire," he said.

Hsu is perhaps best known for his days in the print-magazine business as the editor-in-chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly and he served as editorial director of 1UP.com as well. Hsu had brief stints at Gamers.com and G4, and he operated Bitmob for some time before merging it with GamesBeat.

Apart from his upcoming new job outside the games media, Hsu noted that he has a few side projects. "Keep an eye out for some board game projects from me and my video game-industry pals. We're creating a card game as well as a new tabletop reviews/discussion show that's a little reminiscent of the old 1UP Show (only without the skits, high production values, or budget ... so maybe I shouldn't have made that comparison). Please stay tuned for those!"

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