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Unity's Helgason pushes analytics and sharing tools

Two most important features says CEO

Unity CEO David Helgason has lamented the lack of analytics and sharing tools used by current developers, describing them as the two most important features that are lacking in current projects.

"The most common thing is simply that they're flying blind," he told the GamesBeat audience as he talked about the challenges indie developers faced in the modern mobile market.

"We've surveyed our developers and it turns out that the biggest solution for analytics and figuring what's going with your game is nothing. That's the most popular analytics engine in our world - which is pretty sad.

"Then if something happens, this game finds an audience, it works in some parts of the world, and people aren't seeing it so they don't react and they don't learn from it. It's still very common."

He also wanted developers to provide sharing tools, allowing gamers to share moments of gameplay, to help find micro-audiences for their games.

"Giving your players tools to tell their friends [about the game] is probably the second thing that people aren't doing."

Unity recently acquired Applifier and its Everyplay service which lets gamers share instant replay videos from their gameplay.

During the session Helgason also joked about the success of Clash Of Clans studio Supercell, saying with a laugh "as an industry person, I hope they drop like a fly. It's better when the industry gets shaken up."

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