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Lionhead's incubation department goes public

Fable studio decides to share experiments with community

Lionhead is currently hard at work on Fable Legends but it also has the Lionhead Incubation department, formed a year ago and now ready to share its projects with the Lionhead fanbase.

"About a year ago, the Lionhead Incubation department was formed out of the desire to do just that - to find new ideas and inspiration that can then be turned into groundbreaking games, large or small. This, however, is not a measure of success: The ideas that don't get developed further are just as important as those that do," the company said in a blog post.

"What's the point of creating something but then having it sit on a hard drive somewhere, never to be seen again? We want the community to share in our failures-that-are-not-failures, and so over time we're going to be sharing some of those ideas with you, hopefully evolving into a regular cycle of interesting things for you to see or play."

The first post shares a "Creative Day" project that never made it into full production, but gives a hint at what Lionhead developers are up to behind the scenes.

"Creators show up. And that's our mantra at Lionhead Incubation: Show up and wrestle with the ideas until we find that tiny bit of magic, and see where it leads us."

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