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Adelman working on Axiom Verge

Nintendo's former head of digital content helping out on PlayStation game

Former Nintendo head of digital content and development Dan Adelman is currently working on PlayStation exclusive Axiom Verge, lending his business skills to creator Tom Happ.

"The 'team' behind Axiom Verge is just one guy: Tom Happ. While holding down a full-time job at Petroglyph Games, Tom has been working on the game as a labor of love for almost 5 years now," Adelman said on his blog.

"He's been dedicating his evenings and weekends to this project and only just recently switched to working on Axiom Verge full-time. Tom has a background as both a programmer and animator, so he's a rare example of someone who has been able to make a game from start to finish on his own. He even taught himself how to write music for the game! He doesn't have a business background, so this is an ideal partnership."

Adelman left Nintendo in August after almost nine years with the company. Prior to that he had worked at Microsoft where he launched Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA).

"That's a big deal. Dan is the guy who brought games like Shovel Knight, Cave Story, Retro City Rampage, the BIT.TRIP series, and World of Goo to Nintendo platforms," added Happ.

"He worked there for 9 years, and his name is basically synonymous with Nintendo indies; he's facilitated the launch of hundreds of titles. Business development, marketing, negotiating - all those things that indies themselves tend to be weakest in - are his expertise. I'm honored to be the first developer he's decided to team up with. Honestly, he could take his pick of indies, but he can only choose a select few in order to give us maximum support."

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