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Former Activision exec Robin Kaminsky joins Trion

Trion Worlds, the publisher behind Defiance and Rift, has added Kaminsky to its board

Trion Worlds, the company behind the online game and SyFy television show Defiance and MMOs like Rift, has just beefed up its board with the addition of former Activision executive Robin Kaminsky. Trion is shifting gears to take advantage of the booming free-to-play market - Rift, for example, just switched its model to F2P - and Kaminsky was drawn in by the publisher's approach.

"I love their approach to the market," Kaminsky told VentureBeat. "They are very much at the cutting edge as an online team. They have put a real emphasis on free-to-play. I believe the future is in online free-to-play games, and so I am excited to be involved with them."

"Robin has a wealth of marketing and business experience across technology and games," added Keith Winter, the chief operating officer of Trion Worlds. "Her knowledge and instincts are a great match for our needs as we enter the next major phase of the company's business."

Kaminsky was Activision's executive vice president of publishing from 2005 to 2008. In recent years she has served as an advisor to numerous companies including MachineZone, ICS, and Gaikai before Sony acquired the cloud gaming firm. She has also been the chief executive officer and cofounder of 1st Street Partners, a strategic management services company, and is an independent director on the board of toy company Wild Planet Entertainment.

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