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Konami eFootball update intended to "regain the trust of our esteemed fans"

Publisher's launch of v1.0.0 update for much-criticized title will "make the game even more enjoyable"

Yesterday Konami announced that it will release the newest update of eFootball on April 14, which the publisher said was driven by user feedback.

The update comes six months after the game's September 2021 launch, which as reported by Eurogamer, was rough.

Konami said that with version v1.0.0 the title's development team is working hard to "regain the trust of our esteemed fans, as well as to make the game even more enjoyable for football fans around the world."

Some of the changes named include rebalancing the game, bug fixes, and the implementation of new commands.

"...We believe we have finally reached a level of quality that we can be confident of," the company said.

"Hence the decision behind the release of v1.0.0."

Konami rebranded soccer franchise Pro Evolution Soccer to the free-to-play and digital only eFootball last year.

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