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Playdate handheld console starts to ship

In addition to the launch announcement, Panic introduces new developer tools for the system

Today Panic has announced that the Playdate handheld game console has begun shipping for its first round of pre-orders.

In a new developer update on Twitter, the company said that it will be ramping up shipping over time to fulfill the orders by next month.

The company went on to say that it will have an update for the next round of Playdate shipments in future.

Also in a new YouTube video update, the company shared various features and applications that will be available to users of the handheld and game creators.

It recently has released the Playdate SDK, a free game developmental environment for the console on Mac, PC, and Linux.

The Playdate mirror tool for home computers was also introduced. The feature will allow consumers stream, mirror the handheld's screen to their computer screen in real time, and or use a keyboard for example.

Additionally, the video announced the browser-based developer tool for the Playdate called Pulp.

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