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Epic invests in Aquiris

Unreal maker will publish upcoming multiplatform games from Brazilian studio behind Wonderbox

Epic today announced that it has invested in Aquiris, the Brazilian developer of Wonderbox, Horizon Chase, and Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

The size and stake of the investment were not disclosed, but Epic head of third-party publishing Hector Sanchez is taking a seat on Aquiris' board of directors.

"Epic's publishing power and close collaboration with us on tech, business intelligence, and product development will help us boost the quality and the reach of our titles," Aquiris CEO Mauricio Longoni said.

The user-generated content-driven Wonderbox would seem to fit thematically with a number of Epic's partnerships and future goals for the metaverse, but Epic did not emphasize that aspect of the deal.

"Aquiris not only have a keen eye for quality game experiences, but have demonstrated great artistic and technical capabilities with their utilization of Unreal Engine in their products," Sanchez said.

"We're honored to have this opportunity to strengthen our relationship with one of the premiere studios in the growing and important Latin American development scene."

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