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Rimworld unbanned in Australia

Ludeon Studios' title now classified as R18+ (Restricted) in the country

Rimworld has been re-approved for release in Australia, after a successful appeal from developer Ludeon Studios.

The sci-fi sim was removed from Steam in the country back in March, despite initially releasing without issue in 2018 (following an Early Access launch in 2013).

The Australian Classification Board reviewed the title again this year ahead of a potential console release and refused classification across all platforms, banning it from Steam in the process.

Ludeon Studios appealed the decision, with the board agreeing to review it earlier this month. The organisation came to a decision yesterday, classifying Rimworld R18+ (Restricted) because of "high impact themes and drug use."

In a post detailing the decision, the board said: "The game includes fantasy drug use, but in the Review Board's opinion, the game mechanic ultimately provides disincentives related to drug-taking behaviour, to the point where regular drug use leads to negative consequences such as overdose, addiction, and withdrawal.

"Players may choose for colonist pawns to consume drugs in certain scenarios, but this greatly hinders player progress, as characters will succumb to addiction and must deal with long-term negative impacts of their drug use. The drug use is depicted at a distance through a top-down perspective, in a highly stylised, simplified form. The game also contains high impact themes that are justified by the context of colonists surviving in an inhospitable fantasy world."

Rimworld has already been restored for purchase on Steam, the developer confirmed in a blog post.

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