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Astra Fund announces first six partners

The investment headed by Eileen Hollinger and Josh Taylor aims to support and promote puzzle and strategy titles

Today the Astra Fund, formed by Eileen Hollinger and Josh Taylor formally announced the first line up of six partners to be supported by the initiative.

The endowment by Hollinger, formerly of Riot Games, and Taylor, previously president of 9 Dots, is intended to aid and promote the development of puzzle, strategy and "genre-bending games."

The fund is backed by Carina Initiatives, a foundation that supports children into pursuing STEM educations.

The partners supported by the Astra Fund are as follows:

  • Unannounced Title - Furniture & Mattress
  • Unannounced Title - Zach Gage & Orta Therox
  • Paper Trail - Newfangled Games
  • Star Stuff - Ánimo Games
  • Schrödinger's Cat Burglar - Abandoned Sheep
  • Rytmos - Floppy Club

"For Astra, the idea behind thinking games is simple," said Taylor.

"They are games that create opportunities for the player to get lost in deep thought. We are really excited about our first signings which exemplify this idea by delivering on our three pillars - thinky mechanics, intriguing problems and wondrous worlds."

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