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Crytek adopts permanent remote working options

80% of Crysis developer's staff now work from home

Crytek is the latest games company to offer remote working as a permanent option for any employees who prefer it.

The company has drawn on lessons learned from time spent working at home since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, reporting that work on Hunt: Showdown and the upcoming Crysis 4 remained on track during lockdown.

With both products said to be in line with Crytek's production schedule from before the pandemic, the company has been speaking to employees about how it operates in the future and promised remote working will remain an option for both current and future staff "whose role qualifies." has reached out for more information about which roles do not qualify.

Employees also have the option of working in Crytek's offices in Frankfurt, Germany or Istanbul, Turkey, either on a full-time or part-time basis to suit their needs.

Crytek reports that 80% of its current workforce are now based at home, with staff operating across Europe, as well as the USA, China, India, Brazil and the Philippines.

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