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Report - 91% of App Store apps follow opt-in tracking rule

A year after the app tracking notice launched, users consent within a minute of launching a casual title

After Apple's 2021 launch of the App Tracking Transparency update, 91% of mobile games now provide consumers the policy prompt.

The change notes that mobile apps now have to ask for permission from users to gather tracking data.

As reported by PocketGamer.Biz, from AppsFlyer's ATT - 1 year on report, consent among iOS and Android gaming users hover around 40% within the UK, US, and Canada.

Whereas countries such as Brazil and France have reported higher rates at 49% and 58%.

The site went on to say that consumers have an higher opt-in when they first launch an app.

For example, casual genre games for example see more than half its users opt-in a minute into the game title when prompted.

The policy has also seen changes in-app game consumer spending habits as well. In February revenue was reported to have declined by 35% globally last year.

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