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Game Freak announces optional four-day work week

Pokémon maker introduces new system intended for employees whom are raising young children and caring for their families

Today Pokémon maker Game Freak announced that it's introduced an optional four-day work week.

According to the official press release, as translated by Google, the shift is intended for full-time staffers with young children and families.

Employees that opt into the system will receive 80% of their standard salary compared to their counterparts that work five days. Which is attributed to them working one day less.

The four-day work week will operate on a monthly basis, from the first of the month and to the last day of the month.

The system is said to be flexible, as it will allow employees to tailor it for their individual needs.

Game Freak's adoption of a four-day work week follows an ongoing shift in the games industry, as more companies have implemented the change.

With the work week change studios have also reported creating additional benefits for employees.

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