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Square Enix CEO: When Japanese devs emulate Western games, the results fall short

Youske Matsuda explains in recent interview that international reception is key but its not enough to only develop for them

In a recent interview, Square Enix president & CEO Yosuke Matsuda, said that if its Japanese game studios created titles specifically for the western markets they wouldn't be good.

As reported by VGC, in a translated interview with Yahoo Japan, the executive explained that if Japanese game makers emulate Western games, the results would fall short.

"But interestingly, if Japanese developers try to imitate Western games, they cannot make good ones. The designs of the monsters, and the visual and audio effects, are all still somewhat Japanese. And players around the world know that this is what makes Japanese games good," Matsuda explained.

"Overseas markets are important, but it is not enough to only develop for them."

The executive went on to say that focusing on traditional game wouldn't be enough looking forward, as he expressed an interest in titles where users would create content and be rewarded for it.

Also within the same interview he reiterated the publisher's intentions to develop play to earn games.

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