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IGDA appoints new members to board of directors

Natasha Skult named new chair of the board as Margaret Krohn, Tim Cullings, and Taha Rasouli sign on

The International Game Developers Association announced today a shake-up to its board of directors.

Effective April 1, existing board member Natasha Skult will take over as chair, while new arrival Margaret Krohn will take the role of general member to the board.

They will be joined by newly elected board members Tim Cullings, and Taha Rasouli.

Skult is the CEO and creative director of MiTale Ltd, a co-founder of Hive - Turku Game Hub, and former chairperson of IGDA Finland.

Krohn is currently community market lead for Ashes of Creation and chief marketing officer of tabletop production studio, Roll4it.

Cullings serves as director of operations at Global Game Jam and has led organizations such as IGDA Seattle, IndieCade, and Seattle Indies.

Rasouli is cofounder of Ava Games and since 2014 has served as chapter chair for IGDA Iran.

With the appointment of these four on April 1, the IGDA board will also see the departures of current chair Hans ten Cate, chair emeritus Lucien Parsons, Emily Greer, and Bernie Yee.

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