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Lumikai leads $1.5m investment round in All-Star Games

Play Ventures also contributed to pre-Series A round for the Bangalore-based sports game developer

The Indian VC fund Lumikai has led a $1.5 million investment round in the Bangalore-based studio All-Star Games.

The $1.5 million pre-Series A round also featured a contribution from Play Ventures, an investment firm with offices in Singapore and Finland.

All-Star Games, which was previously known as Deftouch, is a specialist in sports titles for the midcore audience on mobile. To date, the studio has launched two cricket games, and has a third, All Star Cricket, at the minimum viable product stage.

"Our investment in All-Star represents the conflux of two massive white spaces," said Justin Keeling, general partner at Lumikai, in a statement. "Deeper midcore gaming for India's 400 million gamers, and the potential to build a next-generation, world-class cricket gaming franchise with true mass appeal."

While this is Play Ventures first step into India, Lumikai was established last year with the clear ambition to build up the country's growing game development scene.

In December 2020, Lumikai made a $1 million seed investment in another Bangalore-based studio, Bombay Play.

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