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Rise of the Triad remake profitable after 1 week

"Set out to create a specific game for a specific audience on day one"

The 2013 remake of 1994 shooter Rise of the Triad has become profitable after a single week, reported a spokesperson for developer Interceptor Entertainment.

"Interceptor set out to create a specific game for a specific audience on day one," marketing director Dave Oshry told GameFront.

"We knew that if we kept costs down and delivered what we promised through the right distribution channels for that audience, we'd be successful. Steam, GOG and Green Man Gaming have been amazing partners for Interceptor and Apogee, and we can't thank them enough for helping us to get ROTT out there so much so that we turned a profit in week one."

The game was released on July 31, and GameFront reports it was created with a budget of less than $500,000. Interceptor Entertainment has explained in the past how it uses a virtual studio methods to maximise development talent and minimise costs.

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