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Molyneux defends Xbox One strategy

Suggests Microsoft's policies have been unfairly judged

Games designer Peter Molyneux has defended his former employer Microsoft's recent Xbox One strategy, and suggested that its always online policies were not about controlling consumers' gaming.

"I know Microsoft, I know they were only doing things because they thought they were long-reaching and long-thinking," he said in an interview with TechRadar.

"But the world we live in now is that we have to realise, especially if you're a big corporation, if you make one step wrong, the world will leap on you, and unfairly, very unfairly, they will judge you."

Molyneux is now the creative director at his indie start-up, 22Cans, but between 1997 and March 2012 was the founder and boss of Lionhead Studios. Lionhead was acquired by Microsoft in April 2006. During the interview he also suggested that online was going to play a larger and larger part in the gaming experience.

"Whether as consumers we like it or not, just like every form of technology interaction, there's an inevitability of online. We know that online is so much a part of our existence now that we're going to be in a world very soon where we have to be online all the time," he said.

"A mobile device is more and more non functional without a connection to the internet, and why should that be any different for consoles?"

22Cans is currently working on Godus, a spiritual successor to Populous.

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