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Majesco Entertainment launches indie publishing label

Midnight City to be lead by Casey Lynch and Doug Kennedy

Majesco Entertainment, the publisher behind Zumba Fitness, has formed its own indie publishing brand Midnight City with IGN's Casey Lynch as VP of publishing.

"Having been front and centre watching the tidal wave of independent games coming through IGN, Majesco's move to get behind these games truly speaks to the commitment they are making to the independent development community," said Lynch.

"Over the years we have seen tons of really great games coming from smaller independent studios and our vision at Midnight City is to offer these games and development teams a wide range of services and support. We're here to help with everything from first-party relations, QA, promotion and community building and to put a spotlight on the titles while freeing the development teams to focus 100 per cent of their energy on building the best games possible."

Lynch is joined by former president and CEO of Reverb Communications and Reverb Publishing Doug Kennedy. Together the team will focus on games for digital distribution platforms.

Midnight City's initial line up features games ten games from developers like Barnyard Intelligence Games, Tuesday Society Games and Mario von Rickenbach.

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