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2K Games apologises after social media feeds were hijacked on Friday

Publisher lost control of official Twitter account, along with pages for WWE, Borderlands, and Civilization

Publisher 2K Games has apologised after various social media pages it operates were hijacked and began spamming racist posts.

On Friday evening, the publisher lost control of its both its own Twitter account, and multiple social media pages for games like WWE 2K20, Borderlands, and Civilisation among others.

"We are aware that social media accounts across the 2K label have been compromised and offensive material is being posted that does not reflect the values of 2K or our partners," said 2K in a post on Twitter at the time. "We are actively working to fix this as soon as possible."

During the incident, a number of sexual and racist messages were posted across different channels.

2K has since reclaimed control of its channels, and has apologised though offered no explanation for how it happened.

"Social media accounts across the 2K label were compromised early Friday evening," said the publisher in a recent tweet. "Unfortunately, offensive material was posted that does not reflect the values of 2K or our partners. We condemn these posts and apologize to everyone offended by the content."

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