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Desert Bus for Hope has raised $6m for charity over 13 years

Latest fundraising effort pulled in record-breaking amount of cash over six days

Desert Bus for Hope has surpassed $6 million raised for charity Child's Play in the 13 years since it was first established.

The latest fundraising effort took place over 162 hours, and raised a record-breaking $864,415.

"The dedicated team of volunteers are humbled by the generosity of all of its viewers, guests, and donors," said the organisers.

For comparison, last year's event raised $730,099 and saw the livestream last for 160 hours, and broke the $5 million lifetime barrier.

Organised by Canadian comedy outfit LoadingReadyRun, the charity event centres around a live streamed marathon of the Desert Bus minigame from the unreleased Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors Sega CD game.

For the Record: This article previously stated the money was raised over 12 years rather than 13, and has been amended accordingly.

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