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Humble Bundle rolls back plans to remove charity sliders

Storefront backtracks on decision following feedback from the community

Humble Bundle has reversed the decision to get rid of charity sliders from its website.

These sliders allow users to flexibly adjust what percentage of a donation goes towards charities, publishers and Humble respectively.

Last month, the company unveiled plans to remove the sliders in favour of two static options that only lets users allocate 5% or 15% of the total donation to charity.

However, Humble has opted to keep the sliders as they are following feedback from the community.

"We've heard everyone loud and clear and apologise for the way these changes were rolled out," the company wrote in a blog post. "We are now taking a moment to pause, collect constructive feedback and be more transparent about the path forward."

Humble Bundle is also set to undergo a redesign in the coming weeks. This includes UI changes, which will make it easier to navigate bundles on the website.

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