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Microsoft aims to avoid Xbox Series scalping with Console Purchase Pilot

The program is designed to stop scalpers purchasing consoles by giving Xbox players a first chance to buy

Microsoft is testing a new program that gives Xbox players a chance to pick up a current generation console without having to battle scalpers.

The Console Purchase Pilot gives budding buyers the chance to reserve and purchase an Xbox Series X or Series S console via the Xbox Insider Hub for Xbox One and Windows 10.

However, while users can sign up for the program via Xbox or PC, one caveat is that successful applicants can only buy one of the new consoles using an Xbox One console. The transaction cannot be made from a PC, web browser, phone, or any other model of Xbox.

The Console Purchase Pilot is currently limited to the US, and not everyone that signs up will be selected to take part in the program.

Both Sony and Microsoft have suffered consistent stock shortages of the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles, respectively.

Shortages have led to insatiable demand -- and of course -- a major issue with scalping. So much so, that even UK politicans sought to campaign against scalpers earlier this year.

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