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13% of iOS users opt-in to app tracking worldwide

Only 5% of Apple device users in the U.S. choose to allow tracking for advertising purposes

Recently Apple has released iOS 14.5 update and with it, mobile apps now have to ask for permission from users to gather tracking data.

Analytics platform Flurry reports that -- depending on the day -- up to 13% of users worldwide have allowed apps to track them for advertising, while in the US that number tops out at 5%.

While the majority of users choose not to allow tracking when asked, far fewer are proactive about prohibiting it. Flurry reports that fewer than 6% of users worldwide set their devices to forbid apps to even request tracking. By comparison 3% of users in the U.S. use the option to forbid apps to request tracking.

Prior to this iOS update, apps were able to track users for advertising and targeted marketing without asking for permission.

Apple shared that the average app contains six different data trackers in January.

Flurry says its analytics software is used in more than 1 million apps and reaches 2 billion mobile devices a month. It is updating its post with new opt-in rates on a daily basis.

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