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Team Meat delays Super Meat Boy Forever to maintain "healthy and sustainable pace"

Studio opts not to "run ourselves into the ground" to finish game by previously announced April release

Team Meat has announced it has delayed its upcoming release of Super Meat Boy Forever in order to avoid crunch in the game's final stages of its development.

In a statement posted to Twitter, the studio pushed the April 2019 release further back to an as-yet-undetermined date after this month, saying that Team Meat intended to maintain "a healthy and sustainable pace" of work.

"We could have sacrificed our minds, bodies, and social lives to make April 2019 but that's stupid," the statement reads. "Team Meat isn't some studio owned by an Evil Asshat corporation that has say over what we do and how we do it. We are fortunate enough to have control over how we work and we choose not to run ourselves into the ground."

Super Meat Boy Forever was announced in 2014 initially as a mobile game, but went silent when half of Team Meat, Edmumd McMillen, departed the project and began working on other titles such as The End is Nigh and additional content for The Binding of Isaac. The studio's other half, Tommy Refenes, restarted the project in 2017 for a console and PC release with a team of four others, including Offspring Fling developer Kyle Pulver and Undertale artist Temmie Chang.

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