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Sega Hardlight integrated into publisher's European pillar structure

New studio director Neall Jones will oversee transition, but Sonic Dash studio will still focus on mobile

Sega has reorganised its European operations to bring mobile studio Hardlight closer in line with its other developers.

The publisher's European arm operates a pillar structure that concentrates on the output of Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive, Relic Entertainment and Amplitude Studios. Now Sega Hardlight will become the fifth pillar.

The studio is best known for mobile titles such as Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. It is currently working on Sonic Racing, which will be released exclusively for the upcoming Apple Arcade subscription service.

Sega has emphasised that Hardlight will continue to primarily work on mobile games after this restructure, "with a view to the industry's emerging new platforms and services" -- which sounds like more Arcade titles, plus whatever other subscription or streaming services come to mobile.

This new position in Sega's company also means the Leamington-based team can "work across a whole range of... projects for Sega and its studios", suggesting potential collaborations with the other pillars.

To oversee this transition, Neall Jones is taking over Hardlight as studio director, stepping up from his role as development director. He has been at Hardlight for six years, prior to which he worked at Codemasters, Traveller's Tales and Eidos.

Hardlight is now planning to expand, aiming to double its headcount in the next few years.

Sega acquired the studio back in 2012. Last year, it was one of the winners of GamesIndustry.biz's Best Places To Work Awards.

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