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Konami rebrands New York office

4K Media Inc becomes Konami Cross Media NY Inc as studio broadens focus to multiple IP

Today, Konami has announced the rebranding of its New York office 4K Media Inc, renaming it as Konami Cross Media NY Inc.

Yuta Kose will lead the New York office in the role of president as it renames and adjusts focus to a "360-degree IP rights management approach" for multiple titles.

This appears to be another step on Konami's part to distance the studio from its origins as an office under 4Kids Entertainment, for which it originally worked on the English dub of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. 4Kids shut down the studio in 2012, but Konami acquired it and began using it as a center for sales, licensing, and distribution of Yu-Gi-Oh-branded games and entertainment.

Last year, the office expanded its work to also include Bomberman, Frogger, and Contra, a move in sync with its rebranding goal of broadening its IP portfolio.

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