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Flaregames founder launches Phoenix Games group ahead of multiple acquisitions

Serial games investor Klaas Kersting wants to create a "formidable group of international game developers and related service providers"

Klaas Kersting, a regular investor in games companies and founder of Flaregames, has launched his latest venture: the Phoenix Games group.

The new initiative will focus on free-to-play games and is designed to solve the issue that small to midsize studios often struggle to get capital individually. Phoenix Games' solution is to create a "formidable group of international game developers and related service providers" that pool their strengths.

Only the group's existence is being announced today, but Kersting has promised more information on the initial members with details of multiple acquisitions due in the coming months. And Phoenix Games will be looking to acquire more free-to-play game developers in the future.

While the initial focus is on free-to-play, primarily on mobile, Kersting has said Phoenix Games will also try to acquire "any opportunities that fit into is ecosystem."

"Every game company is looking to reach the next level, where they can really reap the benefits of their good work," said Kersting. "However for all but the biggest and best-positioned this is a long and difficult road.

"Phoenix Games moves beyond what's possible with single-game publishing deals, promoting a more long-term, strategic approach whereby everyone in the family benefits from and is supported by the successes of one another."

In addition to founding Flaregames, Kersting has previously invested in Supercell, Wooga and PikPok among his 35 investments in the games industry. He also co-founded Gameforge back in 2003.