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Roblox introduces flexible working options

Staff given choice between coming to the office, remote working, or three days a week in the office

Roblox has introduced a flexible working model for all its staff, giving employees a range of choices between remote working and coming to the office.

In a blog post detailing its decision, the company explains that staff will be given the choice to only come to the office three days a week (Tuesday to Thursday), or not at all and work remotely permanently. Employees can also of course come to the office every day as well.

However, employees who choose remote options will be asked to come to the office on a quarterly basis.

"For people who live locally or remotely, and who plan to work primarily from home, we will provide them with a hoteling desk and support their travel to visit our San Mateo offices at least quarterly for in-person collaboration weeks," the post read. "Internationally-based employees will come in for at least one week per year. Individual teams will determine the week(s) they come in."

The structure of the firm's work weeks otherwise will remain unchanged, with the post saying Roblox's weekly town halls will continue, as well as monthly AMAs with CEO David Baszucki, open lunches with leadership, and no-meeting days. A new annual get together will also be organised in the future.

"We will also continue to offer the ability for all employees to work anywhere they legally can for up to two months per year," the post continued. "This is a unique offering that many employees have taken advantage of in the past year.

"In designing this new approach, we wanted to offer employees flexibility to gain more control over their work and personal lives while also providing regular touchpoints to connect, share ideas, and build relationships in person."

Several companies have adopted a hybrid model or remote working as a permanent option following the pandemic, including BioWare and Bossa Studios.

A couple of weeks ago, at the Games Education Summit 2022, panellists from Media Molecule, Bulkhead and Falmouth University discussed pros and cons of flexible work options.

Just yesterday we also talked to developers and PRs about the future of working in the games industry, and how to better support staff.

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