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Indielab launches new games accelerator

Regional and national programmes will be created across the UK to support small to mid-size studios

TV-focused accelerator programme Indielab today announced the launch of its games branch.

Indielab Games will be targeting small to mid-size studios, with the aim to "develop their commercial and growth potential," the announcement said, adding that it's particularly focusing on diversity and inclusion as well.

Regional and national programmes will be created across the UK, covering all the aspects of growing a game studio, and will include masterclasses, seminars, mentoring, one-to-one sessions, and other forms of support.

The launch of Indielab Games follows the announcement of the Games Export Lab, that will be trialled in West Yorkshire from the end of June and is the organisation's first foray into games.

Indielab's CEO and founder Victoria Powell highlighted that despite games being the "biggest and fastest growing screen industry in the UK," it still currently lacks support from accelerators for "early-stage businesses that exists in the TV and tech sectors," which was the motivation behind the creation of Indielab Games.

She added: "To be truly commercially successful today, just being creative isn't good enough. You need to marry this with entrepreneurial skills, a diverse culture, and have a forward-thinking understanding of inclusive leadership baked into your DNA.

"Through our programmes and network of experts, trainers, and mentors we will deliver the appropriate tools, aiming for all our participants to rapidly accelerate their growth and unlock their potential."

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