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People Can Fly say that in 2021, Outriders hadn't made a profit

Sales were "insufficient to recover the costs & expenses incurred by the publisher to develop, distribute & promote the title"

Recently, People Can Fly released its 2021 financials which said, that its shooter title Outriders hasn't made a profit.

The action roleplaying game originally released on April 1 across multiple platforms last year.

"...the sale of Outriders were insufficient to recover the costs and expenses incurred by the publisher to develop, distribute and promote the title," the company said in its financial report.

In August of last year, People Can Fly suggested at the time the RPG shooter hadn't made profit. A month later the studio announced a change to its business strategy.

The company announced that it will start expanding into the creation of AA games and new genres alongside its AAA shooter efforts.

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