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Guillemot family is considering purchasing Ubisoft

Group's decision is attributed to them wanting to remain in control of the company, as it's done since 1986

The Guillemot family is considering to partner with a private equity firm to acquire Ubisoft from potential buyers.

As reported by Seeking Alpha, according to Dealreporter, the group's reasoning is because it would like to remain in control of the company.

Ubisoft was established in 1986 by the five Guillemot brothers, where Yves Guillemot currently served as the company's CEO and has been in the role for decades.

The Guillemot family currently owns 16% of Ubisoft's shares and 22% of its net voting shares.

This news follows a week after Bloomberg reported that the Assassin's Creed maker is attracting buyout interest.

Among the companies is Blackstone, which has made investments in various firms such Epic Games, AppLovin and Google.

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