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Rubin: "Games are becoming harder to make"

Infinity Ward's exec producer worries for smaller studios

Call Of Duty: Ghosts' executive producer has highlighted the rising costs and increasing difficulty presented by the AAA market for developers, and even for Infinity Ward.

"It's a scary thing, and I'll take my Call Of Duty hat off for a minute here, but games are becoming harder to make, more expensive to make," Mark Rubin said in a video interview with GameInformer.

"I feel like smaller studios are having trouble - I can't speak for them but I would think - are having trouble making games that fill the big AAA market because they're harder to do. It is kind of a bummer that games are getting so hard and difficult to make."

"People want better and better graphics, they want more realistic looking art assets and that comes at a cost and that's a hard thing to have to deal with."

He added that it "bothered" him to think that games were trying to chase Call Of Duty's success, using the example that he loved MMOs, but wouldn't want to make a World Of Warcraft clone.

During the interview Rubin, who has been executive producer at the studio since August 200, also spoke about some of the challenges about developing for current and next-generation platforms at the same time. The game is due for release on both PlayStation consoles, both Xbox consoles and PC later this year, and Treyarch is developing a version for Wii U.

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