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The many discussions around Deathloop | Podcast

Latest episode also discusses Epic vs Apple judgment and pays tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair

You can now download the latest Podcast, in which the team discusses the biggest stories of the past week.

First, we're joined by indie developer Shahid Ahmad to pay tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair, the inventor of the ZX Spectrum who passed away last week.

Then we reflect on the Epic vs Apple judgement and the reactions that have emerged since it was released. Now we know the court's stance on both companies, how has the potential impact on the industry changed since we discussed the case this time last year?

Finally, we discuss the launch of Arkane's acclaimed Deathloop and how, for all the praise it has garnered from critics, it's an example of certain aspects where AAA is still lacking.

You can listen to our latest episode in the player above, subscribe to our directly here. It is also available via Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, Player FM, TuneIn and other widely-used podcast platforms.

Title music composed by Thomas Marchant. Episode mastered by Alix Attenborough.

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