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Dontnod adopting permanent work-from-home policy

Twin Mirror and Tell Me Why studio will let all employees choose whether they want to go into the office or work remotely

Dontnod is the latest studio to embrace a permanent work-from-home policy, the developer of Twin Mirror and Tell Me Why announced today.

The company said it will allow employees at its Paris and Montreal offices to decide whether they would like to work from home, or to work on-site with an annual allotment of remote working days.

Those who work from home will have equipment and furniture provided by the company, and offices will also have shared "flex" desks for remote employees who need to work out of the studio from time to time.

The studio had been considering this Fully Remote Organization (FROG) model before the pandemic, and an employee referendum last October found 87% of the studio was in favor of the switch.

"Although some thought had been given prior to the health crisis, we realized that working from home is a work mode that is more suitable for some people, as it offers a work-life balance adapted to their needs," Dontnod HR director Matthieu Hoffman said.

"So, we designed the FROG program to offer the best working conditions, regardless of the preferred mode."

The studio also noted that this model will allow it to somewhat expand its applicant pool. Going forward, the Montreal office will hire people from anywhere in Quebec, while the Paris office will bring on people from anywhere in France.

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