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Peter Moore: Some of our most powerful franchises are overseen by women

The COO of Electronic Arts talks inclusion

Electronic Arts has always felt like a publisher with genuinely good intentions when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and now COO Peter Moore has revealed that the company is seeing results when it comes to its staff.

"We've gone from the personification of what we believe women should look like in a video game, to actually involving women in making video games, to today where at Electronic Arts we have some of our most powerful franchises overseen by women who manage hundreds of men," he told Fortune.

"You can look at the last twelve months with everything that has gone on with Gamergate, that it's made us all pay attention to this issue. When we talk about what I call D&I, Diversity & Inclusion, at EA, it's never far from our minds when we make hiring decisions."

During the Forbes interview Moore also said that both the Sims team and mobile division had a large number of female developers and that the company was actively encouraging more women to enter the industry by supporting initiatives like Girls Who Code.

"At EA we're encouraging girls to think about programming as a career as young as high school, even before you get into college and focus on where you go for computer science degrees."

EA recently introduced female teams to one of its biggest franchises, FIFA, and at the time Moore shared his disgust for the "misogynistic vitriol" he had seen in response.

"We'll know within the first few weeks how many people are choosing to play the women's teams," Moore told Fortune.

"I think it's going to have a very positive impact."

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