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Ubi's Grow Home saw 2m PlayStation downloads in a week

Fastest-downloaded Ubisoft game on PlayStation to date

Today Ubisoft shared a very specific piece of good news about Grow Home, namely that it was the fastest-downloaded Ubisoft game on PlayStation to date.

When it was offered free to PlayStation Plus members as part of the Instant Game Collection over 2 million copies were downloaded in the first week.

"We are thrilled that BUD has found a new home in the PS4 community," said Ubisoft Reflections producer Pete Young

"Grow Home was a great opportunity for our team to experiment and develop new technology and have fun at the same time."

When spoke to Alain Corre at E3 this year he referenced the game as an example of the publisher's commitment to creativity.

"Recently we released Grow Home which is an ecological PC game coming from our studio in Newcastle who do racing games, and one day a guy came and said I have this idea and I want to try that and we said OK.

"And when he came with the game it was something completely different to what we are used to publish and we said OK let's try it and see how it goes. In fact we had a lot of good attention from the community with this one, like we had last year with Child Of Light or with Valiant Hearts."

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