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Stanley Parable designer launches new studio

William Pugh's Crows Crows Crows will announce first game soon

William Pugh, the man behind the fiendishly brilliant level design of The Stanley Parable, has started his own indie studio called Crows Crows Crows.

Even better, when asked for a comment about the new endeavor he sent it in the form of a poem:

"I'd like to announce a new place that makes stuff,

sometimes polished, but around the edges rough,

we're going to be announcing our first game soon,

so god have a bit of patience you big baboon.

Our studio's got Jack who made Castles in the Sky,

Dominik Johann who's better at art than I,

Sean O'Dowd with Andrew Roper too

Don't forget ME!! WILLIAM PUGH!!!!

(Also Andreas Jorgensen and GRANT KIRKHOPE!!!)"

The Jack that Pugh mentions is Jack de Quidt. Between them the group has worked on a diverse range of indie titles and are based in a number of locations including the UK, Australia and Germany.

The studio's first game is still a mystery but a Steam icon on the official site suggests it will be available on PC.

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