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GMA's bring prizes for UK Games media

Eurogamer, Videogamer, IGN all amongst winners

The UK's Games Media Awards took place last night, with prizes awarded to the best of the country's industry writers, streamers and video stars.

A mixture of public and panel voting, the GMAs cover the full gamut of games coverage, from the specialist to mainstream. Best editorial team of the year went to Eurogamer.net, with the site's deputy editor Wesley Yin-Poole winning best news writer. Simon Parker, who contributes to both Eurogamer and the New Yorker, took away the gongs for best feature writer and best mainstream voice, with Nathan Ditum getting recognition as best games critic. A full list of the winners can be found below.

  • News Writer: Wesley Yin-Poole
  • Features Writer: Simon Parkin
  • Games Critic: Nathan Ditum
  • Video Team: VideoGamer
  • Mainstream Voice: Simon Parkin
  • YouTuber: Andy Kelly
  • Streamer: ReseroNetwork
  • Radio or Podcast Team - Independent: BitSocket
  • Radio or Podcast Team - In-house: IGN UK Podcast
  • Rising Star: Kate Gray
  • Editorial Team of the Year - Online: Eurogamer
  • Editorial Team of the Year - Print: PC Gamer
  • Journalists' Journalist: The Miller Report's Simon Miller
  • Players' Choice: Explosive Alan Live Podcast