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Razer OSVR Hacker dev kit pre-orders open

Open Source Virtual Reality headset $300 to devs and curious consumers

Razer has officially entered the virtual reality fray, making its OSVR Hacker Development Kit available for pre-order at $300. Shipping will start on November 23.

The OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) headset comes with a warning that "the OSVR Hacker Developer's Kit is for development purposes and will ship with a 30 day warranty" but beyond that there's nothing to stop eager consumers grabbing one.

The headset has an IR camera operating at 100hz, 360 degree tracking and a 5.5" OLED 120hz silver screen that offers pixel density of 401 PPI at 60 fps.

"Gaming is moving towards the virtual reality platform and this poses huge benefits and challenges to gamers at every level," said CEO Min-Liang Tan.

"OSVR brings game developers, gamers and hardware manufacturers together to solve those challenges and make virtual reality gaming a reality for the masses."

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