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New indie studio Heartquake launches in Switzerland

Team includes former EA, Crytek and Crytivo Games employees

There's a new indie studio in Gorduno, Switzerland and its called Heartquake Games. Founded by developers who have experience at Roark Media, Crytivo Games, Crytek, EA, and Ronimo Games its first game is an action adventure RPG.

"We believe that video games should provide rich interactive environments and adaptive stories to generate truly immersive experiences," said CEO Enrico Bottani.

"It has been a challenge to find the right team and set up a studio in Switzerland, but now we are very excited about making games that we are passionate about."

Its first game World Never End will be released on PC, Mac and Linux. There is no release date as yet.

"HeartQuake was born from the desire to make games more responsive. As players, we have always been promised that our actions would matter inside the game world. The reality is that most game world are like static boards, and generally do not respond to player actions. They are static environment with scripted actions and stories that run in specific locations on a predefined line."

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