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Azubu sets sights on Brazil with UOL BoaCompra partnership

eSports focused streaming service signs three year deal

Streaming service Azubu has signed an exclusive deal with online games company UOL BoaCompra to be the streaming platform for UOL BoaCompra's eSports content in the emerging Brazil market.

"Brazil is an extremely important country to us, and we couldn't be happier to partner with such a well-established and respected organization as UOL BoaCompra", said CEO Ian Sharpe.

"We've built exciting partnerships with some of the biggest Brazilian teams such as paiN gaming and INTZ, and as we continue to focus our efforts on Brazil, UOL BoaCompra will be a crucial part of our growth and strategy in that region."

Azubu is taking on Twitch and YouTube with a heavy focus on the eSports ecosystem and an eye on up and coming territories. This new three-year deal includes collaborative content production, joint ads sales initiatives, media placements and advertisements on UOL's portals.

"Brazilian gaming culture is fiercely competitive and stands as one of the most social nations in the world. We want to engage the Brazilian eSports community and broadcasters with an unparalleled experience, and Azubu offers the strongest in-class streaming capacity in Brazil," added UOL BoaCompra's commercial director Julian Migura.

GamesIndustry.biz recently spoke to the Azubu CEO and will publish the interview soon.

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