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PTC Acquires Vuforia AR platform from Qualcomm for $65m

Tech likely to be focused on Internet of Things rather than games

American tech company PTC has acquired the Vuforia AR platform from Qualcomm for $65 million, which it has said will feature heavily in its future plans for development related to the Internet of Things.

Although not primarily a game development tool, the Vuforia platform's API allows simple AR integration for mobile development - something which has been used for some games already, such as Level-5's Yo-Kai Land. With AR predicted to become a more widely adopted consumer technology that VR within the next few years, AR game development could well play an important part in public acceptance.

PTC made no mention of games in the release detailing the purchase, but has promised to remain "committed to continued investment in the Vuforia platform and to the ongoing support and growth of the Vuforia ecosystem."

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