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Nintendo at E3: Watch the digital event here

Microsoft and Sony both had surprises - can Nintendo's E3 showing offer its own?

After yesterday's barrage of press briefings from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony, today starts with Nintendo. You'll be able to watch the stream right here starting at 9AM Pacific. Nintendo may not rent out a massive auditorium like in years past, but the company will clearly be looking to show its best hand for E3 fans around the world, especially following the better than expected presentations from the other platform holders.

While we'd all love to hear some concrete details on the upcoming NX system or more about Nintendo's evolving mobile strategy with DeNA, the company has already stated that it won't be discussing those things... unless it does an about face and gives us all a glimpse. Given that it's the 30th anniversary of Mario, you can expect a spotlight on everyone's favorite plumber, with Super Mario Maker and probably more. Maybe we'll be surprised with a sequel to the Gamecube's Super Mario Sunshine?

Of course, given how popular amiibo has been, we can expect more talk surrounding the toys, apologies for shortages and likely further amiibo announcements.

As for Zelda, if you're looking for any big spotlight on the Wii U game, it's not happening. Nintendo already delayed the game into 2016 and said it would not be featured at E3. That doesn't mean Nintendo doesn't have other Zelda ideas, perhaps for 3DS. We'll find out soon enough.

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