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Valve dates Steam Machines, Controllers, Steam Link

In-store launches for all three set for November 10, Valve releases video of final controller

Valve is ready to launch its campaign to conquer the living room. As reported by Polygon, the company today set release dates for the first wave of official Steam Machines, the Steam Controller, and the Steam Link, with all three landing on store shelves November 10.

However, there is a way for eager gamers to get their hands on the Steam Machines and Controllers a little early. US customers can preorder an Alienware Steam Machine (which includes one of the new Steam Controllers) from GameStop or Steam beginning today, and at least some of those preorders will be filled October 16. Alienware won't be the only hardware partner rolling out its Steam Machine to stores; CyberPower is also expected to launch its own systems on November 10, with additional manufacturers rolling out their own preorder programs soon.

While Steam Machines may have a competitive price advantage on their console counterparts when it comes to many games, they won't enjoy the same perk on the hardware front. The least expensive Steam Machines will ring up at $449. The Steam Link, which plugs into a TV and streams Steam games from nearby computers, will be available for $49/€54. Extra Steam Controllers will also cost $49/€54.

"We are super curious to find out which products customers try first, what their experiences are, and how that learning can help [us] continue to expand their Steam experience in the days and years following launch," Valve's DJ Powers told Polygon. "Our goal is to expand Steam's capabilities beyond the desktop."

Update: Valve has released video showcasing the final version of its long-in-the-making controller: a highly customisable compromise between the accessibility of a joypad and the precision of a mouse and keyboard. Take a look.

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