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Pim Holfve appointed as Avalanche's first ever CEO

VP of Business Development steps up with impressive track record

After 12 years, Just Cause studio Avalanche has finally appointed its first ever CEO: Pim Holfve. Previously co-founders Christofer Sundberg and Linus Blomberg were given unofficial semi-responsibility for the position, but Holfve is the first to ever be given the job as a formality.

The former VP of biz dev has certainly earned his stripes. Joining in 2012 as part of Avalanche's offshoot Expansive Worlds, Holfve oversaw the inception of The Hunter and its five-fold growth to five million players - a process which saw revenues double every year he was in charge. Prior to joining Expansive Worlds, Holfve had previously worked at both EA and King.

"I am honored to have been named CEO, and very excited about the possibilities that lie in our future," said Holfve. "Avalanche Studios is one of the few independent studios left standing in a market that is rapidly changing, so we have exciting times ahead of us. I look forward to working with the entire Avalanche Studios team to strengthen our offering to publishers around the world, and to keep growing our self-publishing business."

Avalanche's next game should be Mad Max, which although it may have missed the first wave of adulation for the critically acclaimed movie reboot has been attracting some excellent previews. Following that, the third instalment in its enjoyably over the top action series Just Cause will hit PC and console late this year.