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E3 2015 sees attendance jump to over 52,000

The ESA, which runs the E3 Expo, also said that social media for E3 posts set a record

With E3 2015 officially having come to a close, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has now released the attendance figures, revealing another jump up in numbers to 52,200 people from 109 countries. It's worth noting that the ESA did include enthusiasts in that figure, and this was the first year that so-called "prosumers" were allowed in to the event.

The ESA also noted that there were more than 1,600 products from 300 exhibitors on display, and social media posts for E3 jumped up as well. Twitter saw 6.3 million posts related to E3 while Instagram saw over 7.5 million likes on E3-related posts. Additionally, Twitch, which served as E3's official streaming partner, said that more than one half million concurrent viewers watched the E3 press conferences. Meanwhile, there were more than one million E3-related videos posted to YouTube.

"More than any other E3, this year was about the gamer. E3 demonstrated both the remarkable transformation of entertainment taking place on all video game platforms-virtual reality, augmented reality, hardware, mobile and handheld-and awesome games," said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of ESA. "As a driving force for technological and entertainment trends across the globe, the video game industry clearly demonstrated how it is revolutionizing the way people consume, engage and interact with media. Congratulations to our incredibly creative exhibitors, members, partners and the millions of video game consumers who celebrated a spectacular E3 event."

The ESA has already set the date for next year's E3. E3 2016 will once again return to the Los Angeles Convention Center, from June 14-16 next year.

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